about company

Strata Products Worldwide, LLC



Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Strata Worldwide is a leading global provider of products, services and technologies that promote a higher level of safety in the mining and energy sectors. 

Strata offers differentiated mining products such as engineered secondary roof supports, coal mining ventilation control and emergency refuge chambers. It specializes in advanced safety technologies including completely wireless underground communications, tracking and atmospheric monitoring, as well as proximity detection systems that operate both underground and on the surface. 


Strata’s mission is to provide products and services that keep working environments both safe and productive. Our core values are to listen to customer requirements, tailor solutions to meet their needs, and provide unmatched service and support throughout the entire business process.


Over the course of 24 years, we have established a large customer base built on trust by providing proven and reliable products, high quality service and timely customer support.