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About company

Global LED Lighting Solutions

About company


Global LED Lighting Solutions (GLLS) is a dynamic and fast growing company that focuses on developing unique lighting solutions for the mining, commercial and industrial sectors.
Our x-Glo LED Strip Lighting products are designed and manufactured with top quality components to
deliver unparalleled lighting, longevity and cost savings.

Business Mission

Help customers to get the right solution, cost-effective and, most importantly, safe.


Lighting products and systems are marketed, supplied and backed up by a global network of authorized Distributors and their agents who are passionate about delivering great products with high levels of reliability and durability.
GLLS supports its Distributor network with a lighting design and selection service to assist end customers obtain the right solution that is fit for purpose, cost effective and most importantly safe. 


  Safe. Robust. Durable.

x-Glo Strip Lighting is designed to provide both temporary and permanent lighting for underground ining and tunneling.
Other applications include open cut and surface mining operations, along with commercial, industrial and residential solutions.

LED strips x-glo

• Waterproof (IP67)
• Easily installed
• Fire retardant
• Almost entirely maintenance-free
• Shock resistant
• Virtually indestructible
• Long-lasting 

X-Glo LED strip lighting comes with five years warranty.

recommendations for use

• x-Glo-60-36v - provides the level of daylight in the mines. The strip is used not only in underground workings, but also on surface objects of mining enterprises.
• x-Glo-36-36v - LED strip creates very bright lighting for underground power stations, transformer and machine chambers. The excellent universal decision for installation both on big, and at small height.
• x-Glo-30-36v and x-Glo-24-36v - An excellent solution for lighting rail and conveyor tracks in mines. Excellent luminous efficiency when installed at the recommended height, a large maximum length of tape segments (58 m and 82 m, respectively, when power is supplied from both sides) is combined with low power consumption of the tape.
• x-Glo-18-36v - The best solution for lighting stope faces and similar enclosed spaces. Good luminous efficacy when installed at the recommended height, a large maximum length of tape segments (86 m when power is supplied from both sides) and low power consumption.
• x-Glo-12-36v - The x-Glo 12 LED LED strip is an excellent solution for lighting stope faces and similar enclosed spaces due to the large maximum length of the tape segments (90 m when powered from both sides) and very low power consumption.


Reduced maintenance requirements

x-Glo LED Strip Lighting has a working life in excess of 50,000 hours, equating to over five years of 24-hour use.
By comparison, the working life of a fluorescent light is significantly shorter than five ears and therefore requires more frequent changing out of the light source, more maintenance activity and potential operation impact.
x-Glo LED Strip Lighting does not typically fail catastrophically, as is usually the case with fluorescent lighting, but rather the light output generally decreases over time. This allows for a regular maintenance schedule and replacement prior to failure, maintaining consistency of lighting and improving safety underground.
The optimum solution for mining illumination, x-Glo LED Strip Lighting is made of a high grade, fire retardant PVC and is IP68 rated, making it compact and robust due to its low profile.
• Virtually indestructible
• Long-lasting

of LED strips

Because x-Glo LED Strip Lighting uses LED lights instead of conventional lighting solutions such as incandescent globes or neon tubes, it uses significantly less electricity and results in immediate and ongoing savings in running costs.
x-Glo LED Strip Lighting makes financial sense
Conventional lighting systems are high maintenance due to their short lifespan and high cost due to the need for continuous replacement of components.
Because x-Glo LED Strip Lighting is a low maintenance, long warranty product, costs to maintain its functionality are minimised.
x-Glo has an average return of investment of only one and a half years, thereafter converting original maintenance costs into significant savings. x-Glo LED Strip Lighting is by far the most educated choice as a cost-effective lighting solution for the mining


x-Glo LED Strip Lighting
is long-lasting 

Most conventional underground mining lighting systems lose up to 50% luminescence within the first 4 to 6 months and rarely last beyond the 12 month mark.
x-Glo LED Strip Lighting uses highly specialised components making it able to withstand being continuously energised. x-Glo LED Strip Lighting functions at optimal efficiency in the most challenging environments for long periods of time. The light output lost is marginal at ±5% per annum for the first four years, thereafter stabilising at ±1- 2% per annum.


x-Glo LED Strip Lighting enhances health and safety

Typical lighting installations in underground mines, consist of fixtures that are evenly spaced. This design gives an uneven light distribution with high and low spots of luminescence, causing glare and confusion. This in turn creates a more hazardous working environment. These installations are further exaggerated when lighting failure occurs, leaving even darker areas with no lighting whatsoever.
X-Glo LED Strip Lighting is designed for a complete flood of luminescence, which lights up every crack and cavity in a 180° angle from ceiling to floor.
Because of x-Glo LED Strip Lighting’s design there are never any dark spots, only a constant and stable lighting platform. X-Glo LED Strip Lighting has proven to increase safety and awareness dramatically, boost efficiency and increase performance by up to 20%, resulting in higher morale. There is no other lighting system globally available that can match these unique benefits.