What is strata connect?

Introducing the new StrataConnect™ system, an industry-leading mining communication solution designed to provide WIFI connectivity, digital voice and text communication, atmospheric monitoring and tracking capabilities. Using cutting-edge technology, StrataConnect provides an underground communications network (envision a local area network or LAN), which significantly increases operational efficiency and productivity, maintains mine safety and protects valuable assets. And—as the mine advances—the system may be easily extended or relocated to a new area, reducing the time and costs associated with traditional systems.


The StrataConnect Communication System is made up of wireless access points, a wireless backbone and communications nodes—each of which enables certain features and capabilities.


StrataConnect’s wireless access points, or A Nodes, provides digital voice calling (within the mine or from mine to surface), texting, data access via computer or mobile device, personnel tracking, asset tracking, atmospheric monitoring and proximity detection monitoring. A Nodes connect to your existing fiber optic and power supply and create underground wireless “hotspots” that function as they would above ground. This is accessible using any standard WIFI-enabled device. 


The Wireless Backbone, or B Nodes, extends network coverage beyond fiber by serving as a signal repeater. The wireless signal is repeated from one B Node to the next to extend the wireless network throughout the mine. This eliminates the need to lay additional, expensive fiber optic lines to extend functionality and allows for quick and easy deployment. B Nodes may also be used independently to enable a wireless high-speed network in mines where fiber doesn’t exist.


ALSO KNOWN AS COMMTRAC Strata Commtrac is a 100% wireless, mesh communication and tracking system that enables two-way texting, atmospheric monitoring, and tracking of individuals and machinery within 50 feet (15m) or less mine-wide. Because it is 100% battery powered, it remains operational following a mine emergency or power loss. Communication Nodes serve as a self-forming, self-healing routing system that requires no hardwired backbone, allowing easy expansion. Because it is battery powered, the time and costs associated with installation and maintenance are significantly reduced.

Secure servers on-site or at remote locations display a digital mine map on a graphical user interface. Real-time location tracking is plotted on the map, and message activity displayed and logged. Surface operators interact with miners underground via the user interface. Mine maps are easily customized and updated. CommandCenter is a web-based network operations center than links data from multiple mines in one user-friendly interface, allowing one person to oversee operations in one or more mines at a time from a central location. Interact with and track miners and equipment using real-time location tracking with customizable, graphical mine maps. All of the following peripherals operate on StrataConnect.

Safe for coal mining <br>operations and satisfies Program Policy Letter P11-V-13 requiring two-way communications and location tracking in post-accident situations.




Through a partnership with Trolex, Strata offers intrinsically safe, battery-operated, wireless Atmospheric Monitoring Systems (AMS) to keep miners safe by continually monitoring the working environment and detecting increased levels of CO, CH4, H2S and other harmful gases. Because it is 100% wireless, it is post-accident operational


These lightweight handhelds function as texting and tracking devices, wirelessly transmitting data from below ground to the surface monitoring interface. Powered by one rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NMH) battery, the Miner Communicators send and receive messages from miner to miner, miner to surface and surface to miner.Tracking data is automatically transmitted to the surface user interface every 30 to 60 seconds (set to customer preference).


 GPS-like tracking, accurate within 50 feet (15m) for both personnel and mobile machinery. A lightweight, compact tracking tag easily attaches to hardhats and provides Intrinsically Safe miner tracking mine-wide. The tracking tag utilizes standard AAA batteries. Similarly, Asset trackers can be attached permanently or magnetically to any mobile equipment and send activity data to the surface. This data not only reports the location of equipment in real-time, but can also be used to calculate mine productivity. Asset trackers utilize standard D-cell batteries.


Strata handheld VoIP phone provides private, direct dialing with high quality voice <br>clarity and noise cancelation. Communication can be achieved within the mine or from the mine to the surface.Text messaging and Push-to-Talk radio functions also available. StrataConnect is compatible with any standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi enabled device, enabling users to utilize any manufacturers handheld of their choice.These networks can be deployed as standalone systems, making them ideal for communication during longwall moves and in temporary work areas



StrataConnect DigitalBRIDGE™ is a point-to-multipoint Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) digital network for underground applications. It delivers both power and high speed data over a single coaxial cable to any location where digital end-point devices are desired. DigitalBRIDGE™ provides data speeds and capabilities comparable to fiber and can be used for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications, high-speed Wi-Fi data access, video, telemetry, tracking, tele-remoting and more. 

Power and Connectivity where you need it, when you need it.

DigitalBRIDGE™ is simple to install and maintain, and is fully recoverable. Network management can be completed by on-site personnel, without the need for specialized technicians. Utilizing off-the-shelf tools and standard procedures, personnel can cut and splice the coax cable to install or remove PoE end-point devices anywhere along the network. DigitalBRIDGE™ is an ideal solution for extending digital coverage beyond the reach of fiber, with the option to travel in multiple directions. It can also be used as a stand-alone system. Power and Connectivity where you need it, when you need it.

Components & Specifications:

PoE Cable:
• Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) sheathing designed for underground applications • Flooded cable for reliable long term operation in wet or <br>in humid environments
• Ultra-low resistance cable (ULR)
• Transient protection
Connectivity 10/100/1000 Ethernet
• VLAN & QoS Support
• AVB / PTP Support
• PoE & PoE+


Portal - Bridge between the existing network and DigitalBRIDGE. 


QuadPort – Four (4) Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports to supply power and data backhaul for the inclusion of PoE end-point devices.

Power Inserter

Power Inserter - Places DC power onto the coaxial cable for operation of system components and end-point devices. 


Repeater - Digitally regenerates the data signal enabling cable segments to be extended indefinitely. 

DC Splice

DC Splice - Adapts regular DC power cable to coaxial cable format. Protects the power supply from short circuits and excessive voltage. 


Branch - Taps a portion of the power and data signal to enable a QuadPort to be spliced into the line. 


Splitter - Evenly divides the coaxial cable so the system can proceed down multiple headings.


• Wi-Fi access Voice communication
• Environmental monitoring and remote control (pumps, fans, sensors)
• Gas detection
• Video surveillance
• Backhaul from ore drive to surface
• Tele-remote operation
• Fleet management
• Refuge station connectivity
• Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) Support
• Damaged fiber replacement


• Power and data in single cable*
• Dedicated medium
• Flexible and changeable cable lengths – no premium for short runs
• Up to 6500 feet (2000m) without a repeater or dedicated power source
• Power injected at any point and travels in both directions
• Flexible placement of end-point devices along the cable
• Simple to reconfigure layout and change end-point device locations
• Not proprietary to specific brands of end-point devices
• No need for specialized technicians – fully manageable by on-site personnel
• Save time in basic planning, easy installation and low maintenance
• Remotely managed
• Fully recoverable
* Direct Current (DC): 24 to 60 volts DC
Up to 1 Gbps physical layer speed; typical end-to-end TCP throughput = 400-700 Mbps


Power | Digital | Analogue

DigitalBRIDGE Plus+ offers the simplicity and performance of DigitalBRIDGE™ with the additional functionality of analogue or digital radio. With the use of a leaky feeder coaxial cable, along with the high quality bi-directional DigitalBRIDGE line amplifiers, DigitalBRIDGE Plus+ delivers power, high-speed digital data and a full spectrum of VHF radio frequencies all over a single cable network.ной кабельной сети. 

Insert Digital into Leaky Feeder

Upgrade your existing system to digital and enable high-speed data access without losing VHF voice  communications by utilizing the DigitalBRIDGE line  amplifiers with Ethernet. These digital line amps  interface with the fiber network and carry high-speed  digital data over leaky feeder cable.  DigitalBRIDGE Quadports can be easily spliced into  the leaky feeder cable at any point to provide 4 highpower PoE ports for end-point devices.

DigitalBRIDGE Plus+ Network Configuration* and Components


• Four (4) Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports to supply power and data backhaul for the inclusion of PoE end-point devices.


• Digital: Up to 1 Gbps physical layer speed: typical end-to-end TCP throughput = 400-700Mbps
• Analogue max gain > 25dB
• 25 MHz bandwidth in leaky feeder up and down link frequencies
• RF power output = +9dBm
• Direct Current (DC): 24 – 48 volts
• Ethernet ports on line amps: 2

DigitalBRIDGE VHF BDA Line Amplifier

• Fully interoperable with 3rd party line amps
• Functions in all VHF band frequencies
• Unique Gain Control
• Passes digital Signal
• Recommended placement every 1000 to 1600ft (350-500m)*

DigitalBRIDGE VHF BDA Line Amplifier with Ethernet

• Interfaces to fiber network to deploy digital backbone
• Provides two PoE ports for connection of Ethernet devices
• Amplifies radio signal and repeats digital backbone
• Fully interoperable with 3rd party line amps
• Functions in all VHF band frequencies
• Unique Gain Control
• Placement every 1000 to <br>1600ft (350-500m)*
*Distance dependent on PoE connections


• Analog and digital radio, high-speed digital and power  distribution on a single cable
• Wi-Fi access – VoIP
• LTE/4G pico-cells
• Environmental monitoring and instrument remote control (Pumps, fans, sensors)
• Gas detection
• Video cameras
• Backhaul from ore drive to surface
• Tele-remote operation
• Fleet management
• Refuge station connectivity
• Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) support


• Single coaxial cable network – Power, Digital & VHF
• Power end-point devices without separate power source
• Flexible and changeable cable lengths
• Flexible placement of end-point devices – directly into Amp or along cable with Quadport
• Multi-point distribution
• Power injected at any point along cable - travels in both directions
• Simple to reconfigure and change end-point device locations
• Fully manageable by on-site personnel Also including:
• Digital access without losing radio capabilities with existing system
• Bi-directional diagnostics and voltage detection - segment-by-segment problem location
• Auto level control for consistent gain management, regardless of the number of channels operating simultaneously
• Fully interoperability with existing leaky feeder components for improved performance
• Reliability and familiarity of leaky feeder