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To ensure 100% protection to our employees and their families, while supporting our partners and customers, and following our mission to create a safe working environment, we now working from home. And even though we are working from our own offices, we are working together and on common goals. 

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STOP Covid-19


Dear partners, 

As most of you are aware following the outbreak of COVID-19 in Kazakhstan the government quarantined the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty and closed the city airports to internal and international passenger traffic, as these airports are our main freight hubs we immediately started experiencing disruption to our delivery schedules. 

These quarantine type measures have been slowly rolled out across the country in response to the government’s test and isolate policy and on April 2nd these measures finally reached the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, where the Alpha-Safety head office and warehouse are located, when the East Kazakhstan Region Management introduced the first isolation measures which will be followed by a full quarantine set to be established on April 6th 

To comply with the quarantine conditions, the interests of the company and the continued health and wellbeing of its employees the majority of the company’s staff will be working from home from Monday April 6th where we will continue to work as usual; but, given the exceptional measures introduced both here in Ust-Kamenogorsk and throughout the country we find ourselves working in unpredictable circumstances that affect not only us and our country, but also other countries, a situation that is totally beyond our control. 

Please be assured the company is trying to find alternative routes and methods of product deliveries, but we can no longer guarantee compliance with the delivery conditions specified in current contracts. Alpha-Safety LLP apologizes for the unavoidable delays and is looking for your understanding of the current situation, and to continue a mutually beneficial cooperation with your organization. 

We wish you and your loved ones good health! Take care of yourself! 

Alpha-Safety LLP Team



Dear Customer, 

As our global communities continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we feel it is important to share what we are doing at Alpha-Safety to navigate this evolving situation. At Alpha-Safety, we are committed to maintaining our level of service while ensuring the health and well-being of our employees, to that end we have taken precautionary steps in accordance with the World Health Organization and Kazakhstan Ministry of Health guidelines. 

 These steps include increased frequency of scheduled cleanings, enhanced sanitization efforts, activating work-from-home policies, implementing UV sterilization of the offices and rescheduling non-essential travel and events. We have also instructed team members who are not feeling well to stay home and follow the steps set out by the ministry of health. 

 Yesterday (March 16, 2020) Kazakhstan has commenced a one month State of Emergency, how this measure may impact our operations is at present unknown but we expect delays to delivery times, a reduction in our ability to travel and restrictions during the crossing of international borders by both goods and people. Despite these challenges, regular business operations will continue at Alpha-Safety, so you can be assured that during this state of emergency you remain our top priority and we will strive to deliver the same level of service to you and all our customers while protecting our workforce. 

 As the spread of coronavirus remains uncertain, we will continue to monitor the situation, modify and improve our planning and provide updates should any changes to our operations occur. Thank you very much for your trust in Alpha-Safety. 

We look forward to delivering our solutions and services to each and every one of you. 

Stay safe, 

Alexander Skalaban 

General Director Alpha-Safety LLP

We invite you to visit our booth at MiningWorld Russia 2019


Dear Colleagues!
We invite you to visit our booth at MiningWorld Russia 2019

From April 23 to April 25, Alfa-Safety LLP participates in the international exhibition of machinery and equipment for mining, mineral processing and transportation of minerals MiningWorld Russia.

We invite you to visit our stand S378 in Pavilion No. 1, Hall No. 3, Crocus Expo IEC, Myakinino Metro Station, Moscow.

At the exhibition, our company will present:


Наши специалисты с удовольствием проконсультируют Вас и ответят на любые вопросы.
Our specialists will be happy to advise you and answer any questions.

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We are waiting for you at our stand from April 23 to April 25 at the Crocus Expo IEC! 

Congratulations on the holiday Nauryz!


Alpha-Safety Company congratulates all Kazakhstanis on the occasion of Nauryz and wishes you on this spring day to step over the line to new goals and joyful events, to happy holidays and happy days, generous deeds and kind guests, leaving behind everything old and unnecessary, all bad and offensive. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you comfort in your homes, happiness and joy in your soul, tasty dishes on the table, good luck and good fun.

Happy Spring!

Nauryz Meiramy құtty bolsyn!

The project "Digital Mine" at Yakovlevsky GOK


Yakovlevsky GOK introduces a tracking system, emergency notification and data transmission underground.
The project “Digital Mine” will allow to position employees and equipment with an accuracy of up to 20 meters. Over 100 sensors, a Wi-Fi system and more than eight kilometers of optical fiber will be installed on all levels. The miners will receive Luch-4 headlamps with pagers to communicate with the dispatcher.
As the technical director of Alpha-Safety LLP explained, the system is wireless, it works on power supplies that rarely need to be replaced. Allows you to collect the necessary information to account for the production indicators of the enterprise, to reduce them into single reports and documents.
The specialists of the contractor’s company – Alpha-Safety LLP will install data transmission systems, data collection and tracking systems, install video surveillance, gas monitoring and dispatch systems. 

Video source: youtube channel of PAO "Severstal"

"Vorkutaugol" in 2019 increases the volume of investment by 18%, to 6.2 billion rubles


The amount of investments of JSC Vorkutaugol - one of the largest coal-mining companies in Russia, which are part of PJSC "Severstal" - in 2019 will be 6.2 billion rubles. Compared with 2018, the volume of investments increased by 18%.

Most of the funds - 2.7 billion rubles - will be used to replace mining and coal preparation equipment, freight and passenger vehicles. For the construction of capital mine workings - 1.3 billion rubles. At the end of construction of the ventilation shaft number 4 of the Zapolyarnaya mine, the construction of the ventilation shaft number 4 of the Komsomolskaya mine and the reconstruction of railway bridges, the company will invest 1.6 billion rubles.

The key project for the development of production with financing of 378 million rubles will be the acquisition and installation on the industrial site of the ventilation station No. 4 of the Zapolyarnaya mine of the modular degassing station. It will allow maintaining a safe aerogas environment in the mine, bringing to the surface the associated gas from the satellite beds.
Also, Vorkutaugol will allocate 271 million rubles to the program to expand the functionality of the Strata security system. This will make it possible to deploy a high-performance system for transmitting information and controlling technological processes and mining equipment in the company's mines.

“The main goal of the current investment program is to stabilize production. We strive for smooth operation with clearly predictable results. As always, considerable attention will be paid to security issues. Last year, we introduced the Strata multifunctional security system and set up its basic functions. Now we intend to go in the direction of automation, ”said Sergey Lihorpud, Director General of Vorkutaugol.

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Strata’s HazardAvert keeps safety on target


Of all the technology developed over mining’s history for safety, and even more specifically the safety of workers performing tasks around heavy machinery on an everyday basis, one of the most recent is proximity detection systems. The still-rapidly evolving technology functions seamlessly in mines large or small, can be customized for any mine’s budget, and allows operations to focus on specific areas of concern.

While the systems are still non-compulsory for some of the world’s operations, the decision of which system is best is no less vital. US-headquartered Strata, knowing what a crucial role proximity detection plays in everyday mining, has developed and enhanced its HazardAvert® system for both coal and hard rock mines, underground and surface operations. The system promotes safer work practices, increased safety awareness, accident prevention and greater overall production.

Strata, founded in 1992, was first known for its secondary roof control technology, engineered to provide safer roof support. The company’s product portfolio has grown over the decades to include the best options in underground communication systems, emergency refuge alternatives and, of course, HazardAvert – one of the most popular and technologically advanced proximity system available to mines across the world.

HazardAvert is an electromagnetic system for recognising both equipment and individual personnel in the ‘red zone’ field of operating machine. For vehicles that move between the surface and underground operations, HazardAvert offers continuous coverage without the need for user interaction.

With vehicle-to-vehicle detection, all operators are warned of potential danger and with vehicle-to-pedestrian detection, both the vehicle operator and the pedestrian are warned simultaneously.

There’s no doubt that proximity detection technology has changed accident prevention for the better and, the more effective the system, the greater the benefit. The Strata HazardAvert system prevents collisions and accidents by alerting machine operators and pedestrians of imminent dangers, and has the capability to interlock into machine controls for autonomous movement prevention and emergency braking. With close range, confined areas and machinery traveling in reverse all proven to have the highest rate of accidents; HazardAvert has been designed to excel in these environments.

In today’s data-driven industry, nearly every element of a mining operation can be analysed and studied to offer education to a mine on how things can be improved. A part of ensuring long-term mine safety is learning from mistakes, HazardAvert has the ability to record and store interaction data. This includes alarms triggered, the individual(s) or vehicle(s) triggering them and the duration of time spent in direct danger. On demand, the system can produce reports for download and analysis, which can assist in both enforcing safe practices and new and refresher personnel training, and the logged data can be transformed into reports for measuring productivity, analyzing equipment operating status and maintenance patterns and even incident reporting.

“Selecting a proximity detection and collision avoidance system for mining operations is an important decision,” according to Strata’s CEO, Mike Berube. “Operators want to know it will increase safety and remain robust long-term.”

Berube adds that, when mines are working more safely and more efficiently, they also begin to be more productive.

“In short, preventing accidents that create periods of downtime produces substantial savings. Costs for the HazardAvert system itself are quickly returned via greater uptime and activity, decreased insurance, legal and medical costs and less time and property lost. But most importantly, personnel safety is enhanced and highlighted.”

For even more information on Strata’s HazardAvert system or to talk to a product specialist, please visit our website at

Strata Worldwide is a leading global supplier of safety products, services and technologies for the mining communities. Its comprehensive line of products promotes greater safety across all types of mines and facilities, brings state-of-the-art solutions to customers and provides high quality customer support throughout the business process.

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