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Light expertise from Finland
Herrmans NORDIC LIGHTS® produces premium, high-tech work and driving lights for heavy-duty vehicles in the mining, construction, forestry, material handling and agricultural industries. Productive collaboration with our partners in different branches of industry and continuous strategic investments in our own R&D department, laboratories, and the latest in simulation software has made us experts in lighting technology.

Founded in 1992, this innovative, high-tech power house has witnessed many proud moments in its history that have shaped Herrmans Group into what it is today. Today Herrmans NORDIC LIGHTS® can claim to be the world’s best producer of lights for heavy-duty vehicles. We have our own in-house playground for engineers, featuring a vibration testing lab, light lab, electronics lab and a CT scanner where we develop and test our latest products.

Business mission

We want you to know one thing when working with us: your exceptional needs will not be overlooked. We know what living in extreme conditions is like, and we take great pride in delivering lighting solutions that truly work for your specific type of heavy-duty business.


We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and our quality management system covers all key processes. Our lights are top-notch in their respective sectors globally and are created in cooperation with our clientele that includes industry leaders like Caterpillar, Liebherr, Sandvik and Komatsu.

Before passing inspection, all new products undergo extensive testing. These tests include lumen output and light distribution, vibration and shock, dust and humidity, heat and cold exposure, thermal cycling, thermal protection, electromagnetic compatibility, full functionality, abnormal conditions, chemical resistance and usability. After completion of inspection, we can proudly present our most durable lights featuring an even light distribution and a light pattern that fits your needs. Our work lights are valued for their zero emission in many cases, and we are known for our low PPM.



Standard Solution for Basic Needs
The NORDIC LIGHTS® halogen work lights use only high-quality heavy-duty light bulbs supplied by one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The halogen light technology offers a considerably more affordable solution for your lighting needs. With NORDIC LIGHTS® optics and patented dampening solutions you will get a durable, easily serviceable light, providing a lot of light for your money.


Standard Solution for Basic Needs
The illumination of a HID (Xenon) light is considerably brighter and greater in comparison to halogen lights. The HID work lights also emit less heat and have a considerably longer lifetime than halogen work lights. The NORDIC LIGHTS® HID work lights are top notch among HID work lights.


A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. Electrons in the semiconductor recombine with electron holes, releasing energy in the form of photons. This effect is called electroluminescence. The color of the light (corresponding to the energy of the photons) is determined by the energy required for electrons to cross the band gap of the semiconductor. White light is obtained by using multiple semiconductors or a layer of light-emitting phosphor on the semiconductor device.
LED technology is well suited for Nordic Lights ™ Heavy Duty working headlights due to its high vibration and shock resistance.
Energy efficient low power consumption (- 85% compared to other light sources). Compact & directional providing design flexibility & no wasted light. Unaffected by switching cycles. Natural colour temperature (“Daylight”) which is easier on the eyes & results in better, more productive working conditions.
Very long lifetime compared to other light sources (50,000+ hours).
Maintenance free. No bulb replacement results in less machine down time & lower maintenance costs.
Rugged. No vulnerable filament. Lamps can take extreme abuse. Starts instantly (Nanoseconds versus minutes – HID). Environmentally sound. No hazardous substances (lead/mercury). RoHS complaint.
Very wide operational temperature range.

quality is important!


test program

and Shock 

Lights are EACH AXIS tested under the rigid vibration on all perpendicular axles of 3D space for a minimum of three hours. The lights are then exposed to shocks up to 60G. These tests simulate possible real loads which the light is exposed to while in operation due to vibration, falling objects and collisions in the work area. 

test program

and Humidity 

The light is placed into the closed chamber and free-moving dust is blown into the chamber to circulate in space for a few hours. This tests the dust tightness. There are several methods of humidity tests: for example, the light is dropped into the water tank for a few hours. The light is then turned on and runs until it heats up as in a real-life situation and after it is poured with a shower of cold water with ice floes. In addition the light being in operating mode is exposed to high pressure jet of water with constant water pressure and temperature variation. Besides various IP tests (different official IP ratings show how well a product is protected from the affecting materials such as dirt and water) the lights also undergo a salt spray test. During the salt spray test the light is placed into the closed chamber and continuously sprayed with salt for more than 240 HOURS. All these tests ensure that no rain water, splash water, high pressure washing water and any other foreign material (e.g. dust) will enter into the light.

test program

and Cold 

As well as the changes in temperature in the water tests mentioned above the lights are also exposed to ambient temperature fluctuation resistance test: light is on in enclosed space where the temperature drops significantly below zero and then rises to very high temperature and it so continues repeatedly. Whether your job needs to be done in tropical or arctic conditions we will have thought it all through for You! 

test program

Electromagnetic Compatibility

NordicLights™ products are exposed to extensive Electromagnetic Compatibility 9EMC) testing. The work environment sets the demands on how much interference may be emitted by the light and how immune the light must be to outside interference. The extent of radio frequency radiation is tested in closed laboratories: emission radiated through the air measured by antenna and emission through the cables measured with EMI radio receivers. The immunity of the light is tested on several levels in the laboratories. The radio frequency immunity is tested by sending the calibrated frequencies through the antenna towards the light and by placing the light between the strip-line cables. By connecting a generator to the light it is exposed to intense or long-lasting voltage peaks and dips. The light is also tested for electro-static discharges by direct discharge or through the air. This is to make sure that voltage changes do not break the light. These tests allow checking that the light's electronics is compatible with the other equipment in the work area. 


QUAKE dampening system

We began working on The Quake Dampening innovation in 2012 and launched it a year later. In a standard dampening system there are heavy strains on the dampeners. The angles of the dampeners within the QUAKE dampening system on the other hand, have been painstakingly calculated and intensely tested to find the perfect synchronized angles to obtain a complete, optimized system.

Due to its unique construction, shocks and vibrations will never strain all axles in a straight line of force. In other words, if the force comes in line with one axle, it will still be out of line with all other parts of the QUAKE dampening system. This results in a uniform distribution of the force throughout the dampening system.

As a result, the QUAKE dampening innovation lasts much longer and can withstand much larger shocks and wider ranges of vibration. With the right kind of dampening, a work light’s resistance to shock and vibration will greatly increase. Not only will the work light take much longer to break, but the different components inside the light will also last longer, requiring far less maintenance and fewer replacements. The strain on the application caused by the work light mounted will also be reduced, making the vehicle less vulnerable.

Consequently, if the dampening system can withstand even harsher conditions, so can the work light and the application upon which it is mounted. Since the QUAKE dampening system withstands a wider range of vibration – for instance 4.65 Grms at 12-2000Hz, 15.3 Grms at 24-2000Hz and 20 Grms at 24-2000Hz – it is possible to mount more powerful work lights onto applications.

As a result, the question of where the work light is mounted on the application is less crucial, since the dampening system is kinder on the vehicle. It also reduces maintenance and down time. An additional feature we are proud of is the fact that the QUAKE dampening innovation is lower than other systems and therefore saves you space.





ining is a 24/7 business – from dawn to dusk and everything in between. Designing mining work lights is NORDIC LIGHTS® core business and our back yard. The long-term proof of NORDIC LIGHTS® success within the mining industry is based on the durability of the mining work lights and headlights.

Long-term collaboration with our partners in the mining industry and continuous strategic investments in our own R&D department, vibration testing lab, and the latest in simulation software gives us the power to design the perfect heavy-duty lighting solution for you.


Construction is a challenge – whether it is meeting a project deadline or moving an obstacle standing in the way of the new structure. We began our work in the construction industry in the early 1990’s. Since then we have successfully been delivering construction work lights for all kinds of construction vehicles. We have the perfect construction light solution, no matter if you’re in need of focused illumination of the vehicle’s work area or of wide illumination of the work ground.


Your work environment is the vast forest and the open air. Whatever operations you are conducting – on a slope, in a dense forest or on a clear-cut work site – the NORDIC LIGHTS® forestry work lights are made for you.

We are based on the beautiful West coast of Finland. The rolling sea, long winters, endless forests and fields have taught us what it means to be flexible. Our priority is to utilise that notion when designing the perfect work lights and headlights for the forestry industry.


Agriculture is an evolution – a never-ending process of improving your operations and the yields of the land. Helping you to maintain high operational productivity and safety in different weather conditions and during dark hours is the main mission for NORDIC LIGHTS®.

Trendspotting and collaboration with our partners in the agricultural industry allows us to design customized agricultural work lights and headlights specifically for the industry. We realise the importance of reliable heavy-duty lighting on all of your agricultural equipment, and thanks to our extensive product range we’ve got you covered.


Truck and Emergency Services shall be on time - no excuses, no explanations. If your carriages - food, feedstock or domestic goods the light will work for you. The extensive EMC testing in NordicLights™ also ensures absence of interferences for the other electronic systems. 

Material handling

Material handling requires everything to be in its proper place – nothing should be lost on the way. In tight spaces you need to allow for roughness along the edges and the odd bump in the corners.

Whether your equipment is big or small, the NORDIC LIGHTS® material handling work lights and headlights will stand the test. For material handling we provide energy efficient heavy-duty lighting solutions and work lights designed especially for your safety needs and work environment.

technical details

Lights patterns

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Long distance light

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Short distance light

Wide flood

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For lighting of the whole work area close to the application